Case Studies

Application Services in IDC model

IDC Model of Engagement for a MVNO Customer

Our customer had grown with acquisitions resulting in having multiple customer-facing and carrier-facing applications, systems, and platforms.  Management of these systems were a challenge involving higher  cost, lower quality, and inability to enhance or release new  capabilities due to lack of technical skills.

This resulting in negative customer experiences and increased churn.

Solution description

We setup a 27 member at our Development Centre (IDC) for Application management in less than 4 weeks

Took over complete Application management responsibility from the Customer team and reached steady state with in 4 weeks, leveraging our well defined transition and knowledge acquisition process

We catered to diverse technical skill requirements with our ability to ramp-up highly skilled and productive team quickly

Cleared all backlog of integration, platform migration and enhancement uses cases within 6 months into steady state

Delivered continuous improvement and optimization through innovation, automation, and process enhancements

Our comprehensive Program Governance with multi-level touch points ensured excellent visibility and continuously reinforced customer confidence in the team

Outcomes and benefits delivered

Reduced cost of Application management by more than 50%

Reduced end-consumer churn by more than 60%

Increased Customer team’s bandwidth to focus on strategic initiatives

By clearing all backlog of Use cases, our customer was in a position to kick start the development of their new integrated service platform

Significant reduced quality issues through automated testing and adoption of DevOps practices

End-Consumer complaints from the field was reduced by more than 90%

Fast tracked transformation of Customer business and effectively addressed Technical skill gaps

Kick started Development of new integrated Service platform

Able to introduce new services and solutions for several industry verticals

Gadgeon has become the preferred team for any feature/ migration activity on their Telematics platforms and the go-to team for the Customer

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