Case Studies

Solutions For Hotels

Smart Room and smart Guests:

Stanhope Smart App for fast registration

Door opening using NFC including local activities information, room service ordering, car or bicycle sharing reservation…


Asset tracking

Parking / Bicycle availability monitoring

Meeting room occupancy

Car charger reservation , balancing and billing system


Energy and water monitoring ( abnormal use )

Room / meeting room air quality monitoring ( CO2/VOC) – wireless

Room presence sensor ( non-visible ) for maintenance planning UV disinfection automation

UV room desinfection automation

A hotel chain is looking for a solution which can help them to do the disinfection process with the help of UV in an independent manner.

The disinfection process is planned to be conducted in a room once the guest checks out and before it is allocated to the next guest.

The UV operation of typical room has below equipment operations:

  • Switching ON the UV Light for a certain period.
  • Louver operation.
  • Filter fan operation.
The direct exposure of UV light to human can be dangerous and system shall make sure that there is no human presence nearby during the UV light operation.

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