Application Life
Cycle Management

With Application Life Cycle Management we unburden clients with new new app and cloud application development, facing stability problems, rising maintenance costs, slow delivery and lack of documentation by re-engineering software and structuring their DevOps.

Do you recognize some of
these situations?

Production just went down, who worked on it and what did they change?

We don’t know what causes this problem, it’s better to test everything again just to make sure.

Which applications use this component and what is its source?

An old bug just reappeared. What happened?

When will my requirement be in production?

At every release we are out of business for at least one hour!

Why do you need ALM?

ALM helps you confront today’s market challenges in a time where end-users having ever-higher expectations and businesses are forced to question themselves and your products. In this market we see a continuous need for improvement, ever shorter go-to-market time spans while maintaining the focus on quality. How do we do this?

A Managed Partnership

You build it, you run it

We offer a proven DevOps model  where a small team becomes responsible for a particular business domain. Our teams work according to the principle “You build it, you run it” and can operate on premise, in near- or offshore.

Dedicated ALM teams

Among our+350 engineers we offer profiles like PM’s, senior architects, developers, system engineers, testers, Microsoft, Git, Jenkins and Docker DevOps specialists. We set up the dedicated ALM team you need for your organisation.

Automated testing & monitoring

Automation is key in development: at all levels we automate testing and monitoring as well as system related activities. Our teams are subject to strict boundaries including specific services and API’s. We even offer Robotic automatic testing for hardware and GUI testing of tablets, phones and wearables

Our ALM Approach

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