Case Studies

Alexa Integrated Smart Display

Smart mirror:

Our client is an innovative start-up in the hospitality industry.  They wanted to develop a solution that can provide next level of  user experience providing room services, news updates,  automation of controls and entertainment from the same device.

Solution description

A smart mirror application was developed

Which would bring the entertainment and news updates to customer on the mirror

It also accepts Alexa voice commands from the customer for contactless and efficient room service

Integrated YouTube skill by leveraging the Google API and Web Sockets

Developed cloud application components to manage the hospitality services and other customer experiences

Provided single sign on facility with which customers can enjoy their individual subscriptions without spending more

The solution consists of the following components

Smart Mirror

Technology : C, Amazon voice services, Websockets

Raspberry pi with additional plug in card for microphone is used to implement smart mirror. Smart mirror accepts alexa voice commands and uses the alexa cloud to  process the commands. Results of the are displayed on  the mirror.

Customer Cloud/Web Application

Technology: AWS lambda, Node.js

Information specific to the user, hotel etc are stored in the cloud application. Based on the type of voice command, Alexa cloud invokes APIs from the customer cloud application to process the command which in turn sends the response back to the smart mirror for specific

Outcomes and benefits delivered

Now customers can enjoy multiple services with the option of a single sign in

Customers now avail efficient room services with the help of voice commands

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