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Robotic arm For Strip placement In Aluminium Frame

Our customer was a Belgium based manufacturer of aluminum  products for the building sector. They were interested in cutting  edge technologies to automate their process to improve  efficiency. One of the challenge which they were facing was that  many of the current processes are done manually. Customer  wanted to explore the use of robotics with the use of cutting-  edge technologies like computer vision to replace some of the worker operations

Solution description

Gadgeon helped them to execute the placement of rubber strips on the aluminum frames with a Robotic arm and vision-based camera

A vision camera was fitted in the robotic arm along with computer vision-based algorithms helped the robot to pick the strip and place inside the Aluminium frame

A robot controller software controlled the robotic arm based on the inputs from the vision camera

Different algorithms developed for identifying the defects in the strip before placing it on the frame

Outcomes and benefits delivered

The processes were automated, and the working efficiencies were improved compared to the labor operation

Significant cost savings in terms of labor cost

The usage of computer vision and vision camera helped in improving the precision of the work

Placement of rubber strips on aluminum frames of doors and windows could be done accurately

The business context and challenges of the customer

Many of the current process involves manual process, they wanted it to be automated

Precision while placing a rubber strip on aluminum frames of doors and windows wanted to be achieved

They wanted to replace the repetitive process with robotics with the use of cutting-edge technologies like computer vision to achieve the precision

They wanted to replace the act of operator with a robotic arm so that the work can be done efficiently and accurately

Solution description

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