Case Studies

Real Estate Portal

Customer was looking at enhancing their current Real Estate portal and putting in place a better Process.

Results / Outcomes

Quicker delivery of features.

More stable operating environments.

Improved communication and collaboration.

More time to innovate (rather than fix/maintain).

System Description

Technology used :

Github, Jenkins, Ansible, CloudFormation, New Relic AngularJS, Jersey Framework, PostgreSql, Apache Tomcat, AWS, Xamarin (for mobile).


Long time for changes to be deployed to production

High Complexity to manage.

Slower Resolution of problems

Harder and time consuming to replicate production issues.

Agile and DevOps Tools

Agile Tools: Atlassian Confluence and Jira for Agile implementation.

Version Control: GiHub for Version Control System

Automated testing and building: Jenkins used for automation, Junit and Maven Scripts.

Continuous Deployment: AWS CloudFormation for infrastructure as a code feature.

Ansible for software provisioning, configuration Management and Application Deployment.

Continuous Feedback: Used New Relic for application performance management

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