Case Studies

Livestock Health Monitoring

$5B lost annually to livestock disease. Customer needed  real-time monitoring of livestock health for herds of up to 20K cattle

Results / Outcomes

Design of battery-operated implantable “e-Pill” and full-stack IoT implementation

Livestock health index transmitted through mesh network to cloud via gateway

Product currently deployed- in field trials in NE USA

System Description

Protocols Used

Radio propagation issues

Swift identification and location of diseased livestock.

Architecture, Design and Implementation of Firmware

State machine code, Acquiring sensor data using I2C, analog and digital IO

Data analysis and vital parameter extraction

Entering Low power mode when not active

Wireless data transfer using TI CC1101 radio and Simpliciti protocol stack

Buffering data to the flash memory when the ePill is out of coverage area of Access Point

Ability to roam among different Access Points

Supports configuration and status extraction from Access Point using the Simpliciti interface

Receive data from the ePill, which is implanted in the cattle, using Simpliciti wireless interface.

Transmit the received data using RS-232 interface to the Base Station.

Wireless data transfer using TI CC1101 radio and Simpliciti protocol stack.

The design is highly scalable supports up to 500 ePills at the same time.

Basic status displays based on link availability, heartbeat mechanisms.

Livestock Health Monitoring – Data Flow Diagram

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