CO2 meters to prevent Covid-19 infections and improve energy efficiency

Talking, shouting, sneezing or coughing are common actions that generate aerosols. In enclosed spaces, these aerosols can remain suspended in the air for hours. To reduce the spread of COVID-19, clean air must be brought in and potentially contaminated air removed.

To verify the efficiency of indoor ventilation, avoid contagions and reduce energy waste, it is necessary to install CO2 meters.

The World Health Organization recommends that indoor CO2 concentration levels should not exceed 1,000ppm. But in a pandemic situation to avoid contagion, the risk is considered to decrease with lower levels.

Acceptable levels in an indoor space would be between 500 ppm and 700 ppm Gadgeon Europe offering through Delpheon, its rapid IoT / Industrial IoT development platform measures CO2 concentration while reducing energy waste.

With the CO2 meter you can measure the air quality. As soon as the CO2 rises above  the define ppm, you can immediately add additional ventilation. 

Install your CO2 meter and get through the new normal!