A great sensor for a new world: CO2 monitoring with Delpheon & LoRa based Enless CO2 sensors

The quality of air has become one of the most parameters to give a safe and comfort feeling. It can proof that the risk for spreading Covid is very low. Thanks to LoRA wireless technology and battery-based sensors the quality of air monitoring can be installed in no time. Gadgeon Digital Twin platform can create a full overview of your rooms, buildings, classrooms, retail stores on air-quality.

IOT Engineering Services

The LoRa private Wan technology can connect sensors wireless with a distance of  1000M  Thanks to the integration of Option Cloud gate and Enless sensors in Delpheon Cloud platform Air quality is available for everybody, small and large plants can be controlled, it can be installed with our wiring and hassling  and without any telecom mostly operator cost.

A new IIOT partnership for Gadgeon - IoT market to surpass $176 Billion by 2022

IOT Engineering Services

Digital transformation in manufacturing, industry and utility market is growing fast month after month. Therefore, Gadgeon and Phoenix Contact have created a partnership combining hardware and software competences. With Delpheon, the digital twin, platform for rapid IOT and IIOT solution development and the software engineering service of Gadgeon, and the PLCnext controller portfolio of Phoenix Contact, both companies will offer integrated hardware end to end solution for data capturing in the market. 

IOT Engineering Services

What Do We Do?

Together, Phoenix & Gadgeon develop an Industrial IOT Edge gateway based on the open automation platform PLCnext Technology. The goal is to read in sensor data from the field (temperatures, vibrations, produced number of items…) via diverse communication media like Lora, Bluetooth Low Energy, Trusted Wireless, WIFI and with several protocols such as Profinet, Mobus, TCP/IP, Json… to collect them inside Delpheon for reporting.

CO2 monitoring with Delpheon & LoRa based Enless CO2 sensors

Solution description and outcome:

The PLCnext controller from Phoenix Contact is used as data collector from the field. The controller can communicate over various protocols with existing PLC’s from different suppliers and has an on board OPCUA server, a LoraWan server and it runs Delpheon Dashboard services via a Docker container.

The main advantage for the customer is that the logic and container with dashboard are on the same device and MQTT can be used over KAFKA and PROTOBUFF

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