How can you speed up your software release rates?

Gadgeon offers immediate expert capacity for QA testing

Testing use cases

When open BUG lists are becoming too

Before approving your app for release, all critical bugs need to be resolved in the shortest time possible. But with every release new bugs appear and your bug list keeps growing. Time for a structured testing approach

When shifting capacity to innovative projects

New technologies increase the need for product development. But allocating resources to innovation is hard when legacy maintenance keeps slowing you down. Expanding capacity for testing can increase your time-to-market.

If testing tasks are taking too much time

Testing of an application might take up to 50% of your project time. The decomposition of testing taks, from process planning to regression testing, often leads to better estimates and faster releases. Hiring external expertise can help install these processes.

When introducing automatic testing processes

Manual testing is time consuming. Automated testing offers many benefits, like cross checking your manual test results and early bug detection even during development phase. Think about automating regression testing or user environment simulation.

What is your testing strategy?

Enterprise applications being the backbones of profitable businesses across industries, require extensive testing to ensure flawless operations. A robust test strategy is required to meet the challenges thrown by underlying digital infrastructure diversity.

Many companies in competitive markets like industry 4.0 or digital automation are looking to increase their speed-to-market and reduce their maintenance costs. This is where Gadgeon likes to help.

Testing use cases

Health monitoring solution

Medical solution for  real time monitoring – Respiration , ECG and Pulse Oximetry 

Computer vision for robots in production line

 A challenge in the factory digitization is collecting different types of data from existing machines on the factory floor.

Smart home automation

Manufacturer of electro-mechanical equipment entered in the world of IOT and Smart systems.

How much does outsourcing QA Testing cost?

Full QA Testing Team


This budget buys you a dedicated team of one developer and one tester. A senior manager supervises this team on a daily basis checking up on the way of collaborating, timely delivery and quality of the work performed. Upon request, we even fly over teams to your offices.

Operating out of 2 DevOps centers (Antwerp and India), we offer combined teams of skilled engineers to expand your capacity whenever you need


GadgEon’s expertise in embedded system development, Cloud/Web App development and test automation can be a capacity enhancer for your Quality Assurance team. We can ramp up 5 to 20 member test automation team in few weeks time with near ZERO attrition.

Automation framework

We have developed a reusable automation framework “GTF” for embedded domain using Python, Selenium, Machine Vision and Robotic solutions to achieve 100% test coverage – functionality and stability.

Testing tools

The GTF framework also supports cloud/mobile app testing using Appium, Perfecto, BlazeMeter. GTF integrates automated build tools like Jenkins/Bamboo/TeamCity. On the security testing front we use OWASP and OpenVAS.

Bridging legacy and innovation with Gadgeon

Gadgeon makes the difference for clients going through digital transformation by offering quality and speed-to-market while keeping your TCO under control. We offer services like IOT engineering, QA improvement/automation and legacy software maintenance. 
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