Case Studies

Smart Water Meter

Company needed to build complete solution for the  homeowner to control the water inlet, leak detection and  remote valve control

Results / Outcomes

Used Off the shelf components to realize the Gateway – Link7688

Silabs MCU EM358x used for end node realization

Cloud and Mobile App implementation for the watermeter solution

System Description

Protocols Used

Thread, MQTT, 6LowPan


The water meter provides monitoring of the primary inlet

Interoperate with thread devices and Nest ecosystem

Linux Gateway

Off-the-shelf Hardware (beaglebone Black) was used with the Linux application(cpp), Silicon labs radio chip for Thread protocol, MQTT to connect to the server.

Cloud server

Express framework based node.js REST API server, AWS RDS database, MongoDB and AWS S3 for storage, sms notifications using Twilio server, push notifications via Google Cloud Messaging and Apple Push Notification Service, eMail using SMTP server.

AWS platform for hosting the cloud server.

Mosquito MQTT broker.

Mobile App Design and Development

MVC architecture, encrypted databases, realtime notifications using.

MQTT & GCM, REST API based alert generation, Followed the recommended design patterns from Apple and Google.

Architecture for Complete System

Requirements Gathering & Analysis, Uses cases, Architecture development, identification of functional components.

Hardware Design, Prototyping, Boardbring up

Cadence allegro, optimized for battery powered operation

Water Meter – Data Flow Diagram

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