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Air Quality Monitoring Delpheon

Indoor CO2 Air  Quality monitoring:

With the CO2 meter you can measure the air quality. As soon as  the CO2 rises above your predefined ppm, you can immediately  add additional ventilation. Furthermore, our integrated platform  can help increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption

Solution Description

We enable the monitoring of C02, lighting and heating demands based on User presence, detected with the help of motion sensors. This led to significant reduction in actual usage and preventing wastage and on safer environment to the people in those location through proper ventilation

Through our deployment we cover environmental parameters such as Temperature/Humidity, CO2 (ppm), VOC (ppm), Heat Consumption, Energy Consumption ( kWh) and People presence using appropriate wireless sensors

By leveraging wireless technology, we deploy sensors etc. without any structural changes to the Buildings

The solution provided multiple options to use the solution based on different conditions as well calendar time

Outcome and Benefits Delivered

30% Delivered a reduction in CO2 emissions per building

Air quality measures ensures a clean reduction and minimize possible contagions

Pay per usage policy could be implemented for the buildings per tenant and zone as the solution has enabled accurate metering information

The solution promoted usage of renewable energy

System overview

The solution / System description / Components

Cloud Application: the solution is built on top of Gadgeon’s IOT platform- Delpheon and meets all the specific requirements of Delph eon the solution. Delpheon is integrated with Option CloudGate gateway, help us to reduce the overall timelines of the deployment. Delpheon provides the following services seamlessly:

- Data collection from different sensors to the Gateway
- Configuration and provisioning of all data sources at the Gateway
- Dashboards are customized to meet the specific requirements of the project
- Calendar function for scheduled activities
- Hierarchy support (zone creation)
- Digital twin of the building

The platform is customized to support uses cases for supporting automatic control of lights/heating using presence detection

Gateway: The Gateway is configured to integrate the following types of sensors and actuators

- Thermostats
- Thermostat valves
- Energy meters
- CO2 meters, air quality meters
- Motion sensor

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