Cognitive Services: the path to enterprise digital transformation

Businesses experienced extreme drops and increases in supply and demand that placed strain on current technology and drove many executives to explore greater investments in risk management due to the unpredictable flux.

While the digital transformation was well underway before the world shuttered due to the pandemic, the volatility and need for immediate action in order for enterprises to remain operational pushed that pivot into high gear.

In order to meet the demands of their customers, businesses need to be able to reinvent themselves at a rapid pace, and utilize creativity in the marketplace. Additionally, their supply chains need to be agile, resilient, and much more responsive.

Looking ahead to the future, businesses will adopt automation from the end to end of their supply chain, allowing for vast data storage, fast planning, rational decision making, and real time adaptation to meet the increasing demands of consumers.

With cognitive automation, businesses transition from people doing the work supported by machines, to machines doing the work, guided by people.

Cognitive automation allows businesses to address the change in scale, complexity, and pace of decision making that are now required to be competitive. The challenge of dealing with simultaneous signals, and the need for more frequent, rapid, and real time decisions is easily managed.

Cognitive automation delivers both automation and augmentation of the brain, memory, and decision-making process, along with all the complexities, combining the best of humans and the best of machines to help businesses scale.

In the future, supply chains will no longer be a chain, but rather, a circle, with the customer and employee at the center, adapting to their needs in real time.

If you want to survive, you have to evolve, and intelligent technologies are the path to enterprise digital transformation. Gadgeon Europe has developed a center of competence in Cognitive Automation to serve organizations and provide service to providers. Together with Azure Cognitive Services, a comprehensive family of AI services and cognitive APIs, we will build your intelligent apps.

Cognitive services help bring AI within the reach of anyone. Accelerate AI in your business. Contact us !